2-way bookshelf loudspeaker 6"+1"

Drivers: SB Acoustics MW16P-4 a Scan Speak D3004/66000
Enclosure: net volume 18l for woofer, bassreflex
Sensitivity: ~86dB/2.83V
Impedance: nominal 4Ω, minimum 3.8Ω at 170Hz
Frequency at -3dB: 48Hz

Crossover modelling


Frequency responses measured from 90cm distance.

Horizontal frequency responses 0-90°. Axial FR merged with near-filed measurement of woofer, with port and bafflestep added. Merged at 480Hz.

Axial frequency responses of both loudspeakers.

Comparison of frequency response woth and without speaker grill.

Measured step response.

Nearfield responses of woofer and port.

Impedances of both loudspeakers.