3-way bookshelf loudspeaker 8"+3"+1"

Drivers: Visaton W200S-8, Vifa TC9FD18-08, Monacor DT-25N

Enclosure: net volume 40l for woofer, bassreflex, net volume 3l for midrange
Sensitivity: ~87dB/2.83V
Impedance: nominal 6Ω, minimum 5Ω @370Hz 

Final measurements

All responses were measured from reference point, semi-anechoic (impulse window ~4ms), no smoothing applied, mic distance 1m.

Total frequency response (FF measurement merged with NF (bass+port), bafflestep included), without grid in black, with grid in green

Horizontal responses, H+ direction

HArmonic distortion at 90dB/1m, mic distance 1m, F2 red, F3 orange

Measured impedance and its phase

Horizontal responses, H- direction