3-way floorstanding loudspeaker 10"+6"+1"+WG

Drivers: Vifa XT25TG30 a WG-300, Seas P17RCY, Scan Speak 26W/4534G00 Discovery

Enclosure (two separated modules): 

  • net volume 64l for woofer, tuning 31Hz, bassreflex
  • net volume 19l for midrange

Sensitivity: ~88dB/2.83V

Impedance: nominal 4Ω, minimum 3.4Ω @25Hz

Initial measurements for crossover modelling

Woofer: 26W/4534 horizontal responses

Woofer: distortion at SPL 90dB/20cm, mic distance 20cm

Midrange: P17RCY horizontal responses

Midrange: distortion at SPL 90dB/1m, mic distance 1m

Tweeter: XT25 horizontal responses  

Tweeter: distortion atd SPL 90dB/1m, mic distance 1m

Crossover modelling

Crossover frequencies are 330Hz and 2300Hz. Woofer section contains RLC compensation of woofer impedance. 

Woofer frequency response was measured Far field, and merged with nearfield measurements of woofer and port, adjusted with bafflestep curve.

Crossover scheme, total impedance, step response and square wave response

Frequency responses of individual drivers with crossover, their phases, total frequency response and response for reversed midrange

Horizontal frequency responses

Vertical frequency responses, "+" is to the ceiling, "-" to the floor. There is 3dB offset for each response.

Final measurements (with the crossover)

Nearfield measurement of woofer and port

Distortion for SPL 90dB/1m, mic distance 1m

Measured (green) and modelled frequency response

Total impedance of both loudspeakers, cursor is at the place of the lowest impedance