Tweeter-waveguide measurements

Measurement conditions:

distortion measurements: SPL 90dB/1m , mic distance 25cm

- frequency response: SPL~80dB/1m, mic distance 1m

- tweeters measured mounted in various cabinets

SS D3004/66000 and WG148R (measured in BBB enclosure, with (left) and without (right) WG) 

SS D2004/6020 and WG148R (measured in BBB enclosure)

SB Acoustics SB26ADC and WG300 (measured in N164 enclosure)

Scan Speak 7100 and WG148R (measured in BBB enclosure, with (left) and without (right) WG)

Vifa XT25 and WG300 (measured in N164 enclosure)