PKAudio - DIY loudspeaker projects

DIY loudspeakers website dedicated to loudspeaker design, loudspeaker building, drivers and various measurements. 

The latest updates:

7-Jan-2024: Xavian XN230 check and upgrade
7-Jan-2024: 21W-12MU-9800 3way project started, listening test in progress
24-Sep-2023: Ellips-P page updated and listening tests started
15-Aug-2023: Discovery10 completed
11-Jun-2023: ClassIllu project completed

This is DIY website, it is my hobby and I do not have any sponsors. All projects and web hosting are financed by myself. If you like and appreciate this website and found it inspirational and useful any donation will be much appreciated and welcome.  

Projects with full construction plans - In planning and simulation phase:

2way standmount family of speakers with attention to diffraction control, measured performance and good sound.

Midwoofers: Dayton Sig180-4, Scan Speak 18W/8542-10, 18W/4434, Wavecor WF182CU13, Seas U18RNX/P

Tweeters: SB Acoustics SB26ADC/CDC, .....