PKAudio - DIY loudspeaker projects
Welcome to my DIY loudspeakers website. You can find various projects here, and a lot of measurements as well. Some of the projects were created out of my curiosity to try some drivers or specific concept. Other projects were created on clients requests. Section "Cooperation projects and upgrades" contains projects which were consulted with me and I "just" measured and created crossovers. Upgrades contain improvements of commercial loudspeakers. Though I prefer waveguides and CNCed baffles, some projects have intentionally easy to built cabinets, and for those full documentation is available. These projects can be copied and used for NON COMMERCIAL purposes. Projects with custom waveguides or baffles requiring CNC (my favourite) are very complicated to copy, I do not expect many of you would be interested in building so I do not make full documentation.


2-Sep-2019: SatWaveSS project finished
29-Jul-2019: Njord upgrade project added
8-Jun-2019: Jurko project - crossover values published
6-May-2019: Ghibli v2 - new cabinet option added to Ghibli page
28-Apr-2019: TL project finished
31-Mar-2019: TL project Vituix six-pack updated, listening in progress
9-Feb-2019: Excellia update, measurement done, crossover modelling in process
1-Feb-2019: Satori TW29DN + Jantzen WG measurement added to Tweeter/WG measurements